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T7M Integration T-shirt


Taoist cultivation in the East has said, "Each person is a miniature universe". This statement was also proved from a scientific point of view later, and now from a Newnormal perspective, we are once again a universe in miniature. Revolving around us are common things in life, now have to integrate some other things, into new small planets in life. Those new planets are epidemics, viruses, or preventive measures, and containments are embedded in our daily behavior. And now, we have to accept and find a way to reconcile the integration of those things into the miniature universe from the body and the life around us.

The shirt comes in two colors, white and black:

# NewNormal is the project of fashion brand TALK! combines the creative images and personalities of famous Vietnamese fictional characters into practical everyday fashion products designed by young talented designers, wishing to show new perspectives on the world. The "new normal" that Vietnamese society in particular and the world in general is facing, join hands with the community to build vigilance against the COVID-19 pandemic.

TALK! x T7M x Le Nhat Duy
TALK! x T7M x Ding


  • 2-way elastic, 230GSM
  • Form: Unisex oversize (wide form, missed sleeve)


The size chart above is for reference only and is approximate.

- The form of the oversize shirt is wide, so if you have measurements between sizes, you can choose to donate or reduce 1 size depending on your preference. over the butt or wear loose to combine with a hoodie/mesh shirt inside!

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