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Couple Edition Seven-Color Rabbit Backpack - Pink


Impressive sweet color
You won't want to miss the briefcase that owns one of the most popular colors today, "virtual tossing pan" is pastel pink! Stand out without being ostentatious, light on your shoulder. You don't have to be the center of the crowd wherever you go, but everyone has to keep an eye on you.

Characteristic carrot lining fabric
One of the indispensable icons in parallel with the Seven-Colored Rabbit is the image of a rabbit and a carrot. This detail is not overlooked for the product design of the Pink Couple Edition Seven-Color Rabbit Backpack, but also an impressive highlight inside the lining fabric when opening the bag. You'll never forget how special your briefcase is!

Shockproof compartment for 15 inch laptop
The Couple Edition Pink Rabbit Backpack is equipped with a shockproof compartment with soft foam, a safety belt to protect your laptop, convenient for moving anywhere you go: from home to school, group meetings. at the bar, and even outings with friends. Especially with its "more than enough" size, your 15-inch laptop won't be a problem with the Pink Couple Edition Bunny Backpack.

Water slide fabric 900D
Clothed in 900D thick water-skiing fabric, a brief shower or a glass of water "accidentally" won't hurt with your Pink Couple Edition Bunny Backpack. This special material is also one of the reasons why customers trust the product when the Pink Couple Edition Bunny Backpack is not easily torn or dirty.


  • Dimensions: 42cm x 30cm x 14cm.
  • Character image: Seven-Colored Rabbit.
  • Material: High quality waterproof fabric.
  • The lining fabric is printed with the typical carrot pattern of the Seven-Colored Rabbit.
  • The product is part of the collection of Seven-Colored Rabbits and 500 brothers - the series of backpacks and accessories with official copyright of the Seven-Colored Rabbit introduced by the HooHooHaHa® brand.

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