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Limited Edition Seven-Color Rabbit Backpack


The mysterious number 1994 and the special numbering
Do you know? This is the only backpack that is marked from 1 to 1994 - find out your briefcase number and the tag inside the bag. Do you know? 1994 is the birth year of the author who gave birth to the character of the Seven Colors Rabbit - Huynh Thai Ngoc. The Limited Edition Seven-Color Rabbit Backpack has "everything" with a full set of 3 characters including: Aka Bear, Seven Color Rabbit and Bucket. In addition, you also get a signed thank you letter and a super cute handwritten note from the author just for you.

Linen with the character Aka Bear
The image of the Aka Bear comes with a broken bottle, a symbol of the Bear's mischievous, quarrelsome personality. You can find this image inside the lining of the bag every time you open it. Wearing the Seven-Colored Rabbit Limited Edition backpack on your shoulder, you can be confident with a beautiful product not only from the outside appearance but also on the interior details.

Shockproof compartment for 15 inch laptop
The Seven-Colored Rabbit Limited Edition Backpack is equipped with a shockproof compartment with soft foam, a safety belt to protect your laptop, convenient for moving anywhere you go: from home to school, group meetings at the restaurant. , and even outings with friends. Especially with its "more than enough" size, your laptop up to 15 inches won't be a problem with the Seven Color Rabbit Backpack Limited Edition.

Water slide fabric 900D
Clothed in 900D thick water-skiing fabric, a brief shower or a glass of water "accidentally" won't hurt your Seven-Colored Rabbit Limited Edition backpack. This special material is also one of the reasons why customers trust the product when the Seven Color Rabbit Limited Edition backpack is not easily torn or dirty.

Dimensions: 42cm x 30cm x 14cm.
Character image: Seven-Colored Rabbit, Aka Bear, Bucket.
Material: 900D . water slide fabric
There is a shockproof compartment for a 15-inch laptop.
The lining fabric is printed with the signature wine bottle motif of Aka Bear.
Bonus: Thank you letter from author Huynh Thai Ngoc.
The product is part of the Seven-Colored Rabbit and 500 brothers collection - the official copyrighted backpack and accessory series of the Seven-Colored Rabbit introduced by the HooHooHaHa® brand.
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