Return policy

In order to provide the best shopping experience as well as ensure the best quality of service, please read the details of the return policy when you buy at website as follows:


Cases of return and exchange

  • Product is defective or damaged by the manufacturer
  • Wrong product, quantity, ordered color delivered
  • PENTA reserves the right to review and assess the condition of the returned/defective item prior to performing any repairs or returns.

Items are not eligible for exchange

  • Promotional goods, discounts
  • Products in the list of free returns
  • Product has been used or is not intact
  • Damaged due to buyer's fault
  • Expiry date of return

Expiry date for return and exchange

  • 7 days from the date of receipt
  • Apply nationwide, by postmark

Return conditions:

  • Must have purchase receipt or purchase information online
  • The product is unworn, unworn, with its labels intact (not deformed, intact).
  • Not on the list of exempted returns
  • Exchange for a product of the same price
  • Only 1 exchange / 1 order applied

Return cost

  • PENTA is free of charge for 2-way return in case of manufacturer defect
  • Customers bear all costs of sending goods to PENTA and sending costs from PENTA to customers in case they want to return due to personal requests.

For any support information, please contact:

Hotline: 028 7303 6683 - 028 7303 6684


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